Blown-in insulation from North Victoria Insulation is the perfect solution for all your insulation needs. Our fast and efficient installation process will save you time and minimize disruption, providing immediate insulation benefits. With its customizable density, blown-in insulation ensures even coverage and enhanced thermal resistance in various spaces, making it the ideal choice for any structure.

Here’s why blown-in insulation is the right choice for you:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Did you know that proper insulation can reduce your energy bills by up to 30%? Our blown-in insulation creates a barrier that keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling. Minimizing heat transfer helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home all year round.
  2. Enhanced Comfort: Say goodbye to noisy neighbors and unwanted outside disturbances. Blown-in insulation not only provides excellent thermal insulation but also acts as an efficient soundproofing solution. It reduces noise transmission between spaces, ensuring a peaceful and quiet environment for your family to relax and enjoy.
  3. Customizable Solution: Every home is unique, and your insulation needs may vary. Our blown-in insulation offers the flexibility to cater to diverse requirements. Whether you have an attic, walls, or any other space that needs insulation, our team can customize the density and coverage to ensure proper insulation levels. You can trust us to deliver outstanding results tailored to your specific needs.
Blown-In Insulation Material

Coverage Area per Bag/Unit (at R-30)

Thickness (inches)

Cost per Square Foot (approx.)

Additional Information

Fiberglass35 – 40 sq. ft.10 – 12 inches$0.50 – $0.70Resistant to moisture, non-combustible
Cellulose35 – 40 sq. ft.10 – 12 inches$0.40 – $0.60Made from recycled paper, good fire resistance
Mineral Wool45 – 50 sq. ft.
8 – 10 inches
$0.60 – $0.80Excellent sound insulation, fire-resistant
Spray Foam (Open Cell)15 – 20 sq. ft.4 – 6 inches
$1.00 – $1.50High expansion, good air sealing
Spray Foam (Closed Cell)20 – 25 sq. ft.3 – 4 inches
$1.50 – $2.00High R-value, rigid, moisture-resistant
Investing in blown-in insulation from North Victoria Insulation means investing in energy savings, enhanced comfort, and a tailored solution for your insulation needs. Take the first step towards a more efficient and comfortable home today.
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